Saturday, July 4, 2020

Homemade Ice Popsicles Like the good 'Ole Days!

Make Your Own Ice Pops

Does this bring back memories?! 

I discovered these ice pop pouches on Amazon last year, and these really helped me with avoiding
ice cream in the summer. The pouch holds 1/2 cup of any liquid that you choose. 

I chose Honest Organic Grape Juice since 1/2 cup only has 6 carbs which is nearly impossible to find in any other juice. 

These are perfect for grandmothers/mothers who want to make their grandchildren/children something relatively healthy. The pre-made pops in the grocery store are corn syrup and water.

After dinner when you're craving something sweet, this ice pop really hits the spot. All you need is a small funnel, and these pops are ready after freezing for about 5 hours.

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