Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jewelry Making with Polymer Clay - Fun, Addictive Hobby and Just Maybe a Part-time Job!

Jewelry Made from Polymer Clay - These are my amateur creations! Check it out!  (The below pendants are already spoken for. No two are exactly alike since these are handmade.)

I started working with polymer clay last August. It's a learning process watching countless videos on You Tube. I am about the least creative person there is on the planet, but working with polymer clay has become a passion of mine. It truly is fun and makes me happy. I've been derailed from this since January, but I'm hoping that once I feel better that I'll be right back at it. WARNING: If you start working with polymer clay, you may never leave your house again - It is THAT addictive. 

I will be adding to this post on the details of the basic items needed to start this hobby!

I have my 'first' order from a friend in India... 

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