Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lose Weight With a Dietician and It May Just be FREE....

How to Lose Weight?!

This is exactly what I needed-a diet that I can eat what I like to eat EVERY day. My odd palate limits me as to what I will eat, so this was the perfect solution.

Andrew Brown from A&L Nutrition Services has developed a proven method for weight loss. I can't give away his secrets, but it's easy for anyone to find out for themselves by reaching out to his company.

I followed his plan and lost an average of .80 lbs a week for 13 weeks for a total of 11 lbs.

I’ve found that once I got into the rhythm of following his method, it became very easy for me. I was surprisingly focused which made this easier as the weeks went on. Sure, I slipped up here and there (more than I’m willing to tell Andrew!), but I was still able to lose an average of .80 lbs a week. His method was very forgiving (when you fell off the wagon!) - for me anyway!

I met with Andrew every 3 weeks for a consultation, support and a weigh-in. He also offers consultations through SKYPE applications.

I have never really been able to follow a diet ever, but this didn't feel like a diet, since I was able to snack on certain foods that really satisfied me until the next meal. Without snacks, I couldn't have EVER lost a pound.

So I saved the best information for last - Did you know that your health insurance probably is offering you FREE visits per calendar year? I have 6 free visits per calendar year.
This is a benefit that 99% of us have thrown away every year over the course of our lives.

I recently gained back 3 pounds over the holidays, so it’s time to focus on his method once again.

I've been telling everyone that I know about this company. He has helped many clients with weight loss - some of which have lost over 100 lbs. This method of weight loss also greatly helps with Blood Sugar control.

Just spreading the word on a fantastic solution for weight loss.

PHONE: (610) 256-9592 


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