Sunday, July 9, 2017

Spindle Mattress Review - Memory Foam Bandwagon May be Rapidly Losing Speed in the Near Future!

SPINDLE Mattress Review

Could Natural Latex Mattresses Possibly be Better than the Over-hyped Memory Foam Mattresses? 

It seems like everyone by now has jumped on the Memory Foam Bandwagon including MYSELF, BUT are memory foam mattresses really the "Cat's Meow"?

My son has had major sleep issues for many years, including visiting sleep specialists! He has been searching high and low for the ultimate foam mattress - of course, this was the only choice, right?! At least that's what we all thought!

After reading countless reviews online, he ordered the Casper mattress.  After 30 days of use, he felt that the mattress was dipping in the middle, indicating not much longevity or quality. Thankfully, Casper had a good return policy, and away it went.

Then, he discovered the natural latex mattresses - the best deal on the market for a latex mattress was a company named Spindle - never heard of it, but he could not find a single bad review anywhere online. Latex sleeps NEUTRAL not HOT.

The return policy was not as substantial as the other big named companies, but it was a smaller company who offered a latex mattress for half the price of competitors. Another bonus here is that Latex is supposed to have double the life of a foam mattress.

He ordered the 'medium feel' mattress, and it was at the doorstep in about 3 days. The mattress had to be assembled, according to included detailed instructions, whereby he put 3 mattress layers together into a zippered casing. It takes 2 people to assemble the mattress in order to perfectly align the layers into the zippered casing.

My son LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this mattress. It sleeps neutral not hot! His shoulder doesn't hurt! He seems to wake up much less! He sleeps more soundly! He said that he has struck gold finding this mattress!

Trust me when I say that his great review of this Spindle Mattress is worth a million reviews! Oh the cost, almost forgot about that! He paid about $1050 for a FULL-sized mattress. Other Latex companies are at least double the price.

I know that this is not a comprehensive review, but in the end, all that matters is whether you love the mattress or not!

Thank you Spindle Mattress!


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