Sunday, July 2, 2017

Natural and Safe Sunscreen Company - Safe for Your Baby, Kid and Yourself!

Natural and Safe Sunscreen - Thinksport

It is THAT time of year!

Almost all sunscreens out on the market are chemical sunscreens - Why add another set of chemicals to your skin when there are now safe sunscreens. I wanted to post about this safe sunscreen company: Thinksport.

Having had the chance to already use two of the below products, I thought it was time to let the word out on this company. I am very excited to find this company and its line of products!

As we all know, the skin is the largest organ, yet many of us still don't understand how easily chemicals penetrate our skin, entering our bloodstream and causing possible harm. It is estimated that our skin absorbs 60% of all products that make contact with our skin. Babies and Children are even more susceptible to the dangers of chemicals penetrating the skin's surface.

Thinksport offers the first sunscreen to pass the Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements, contains no biologically harmful chemicals, has an efficacy score (EWG) of 1 in sun protection and does not test on animals. The main ingredient is non-nano zinc oxide at 20%.

The Thinksport tinted sunscreen below is great for ladies, offering a touch of color to your skin along with your sun protection. For me, It looked and felt like a tinted moisturizer.

I used the Thinksport sunscreen for kids on my body. There is a slight whitish cast after applying, but it dissipates very quickly with the warmth of the sun. I can say that the whitish cash is MUCH less than any other zinc oxide product that I've tried.

Finally, a company that delivers a safe product that is usable. If you are a worrier like me, this is 1 less thing to worry about!

This is available on Amazon of course, but it is now being offered at Wegmans.

Think about your baby or grand-baby! Think about your kids! Think about Yourself!

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