Sunday, April 2, 2017

Whole Wheat Pasta That Tastes Like Regular Pasta

Best Whole Wheat Pasta Out There

One of my co-workers, Rick, was telling me how he changed his entire diet after reading 'The China Study' and challenged me to the same. The premise of this study is to minimize your protein, especially from animal sources, to a total of 10 - 15 % of your daily calories and to eat mostly whole foods,  including carbs consisting of vegetables and whole grain.

The author believes, with the results of his study, that this diet will reduce heart disease, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Giving up my quick and easy dinner of pasta was not an option for me. I've tried whole wheat pasta in the past and quite frankly detest the taste. Not for all the tea in China was I going to eat whole-wheat pasta again!

This pasta tastes almost exactly like regular pasta - I've tried the sweet potato gnocchi, linquini and angel hair pasta. It is so delicious that this is now my pasta of choice. You will notice that your tummy is much more full after a serving of this. It can be found at Giant food stores, Amazon and Walmart (on-line). The online sales are sold in packs of 5 or 6.

All varieties are 2.99 a box and worth every stinking penny. I was really surprised to see how great it tastes - Of course, it is made in Italy.

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