Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ladies: A Safe, Natural Deodorant That Works - PiperWai Review

Shark Tank Favorite - PiperWai Review

This is why I love Shark Tank - Regular people like you and me creating a product that offers us more than the conventional companies can offer. Something as simple as a deodorant, the big companies can't simplify their formulas to make it safe and risk free. 

Well, it looks like 2 Philly girls spent a lot of time in their kitchen cooking up this formula with activated charcoal, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils to formulate a 'safe' deodorant that works. 

Let's face it - most women out there are never truly comfortable swiping the aluminum-laced deodorants under our arms knowing that all of our lymph nodes are nestled right there....

There are 'safe' deodorants out there, but to be honest, these products are a failed attempt at duplicating the efficacy of aluminum-based deodorants.

This product is certainly a little different than a 'regular' store deodorant. It comes in a jar containing a dark green paste. All you need to do is scoop out (using your finger or a measuring spoon) about 1/4 teaspoon and rub under your arm after your shower.

Don't let the dark green paste scare you into thinking that your underarms will be green....the warmth of your skin after a shower dissipates the formula to almost clear in seconds. It does not stain clothes, keeps you smelling fresh, and and you stay dry. There is a very mild pleasant scent-not offensive in the least! I have a strong sensitivity to perfume and scents, and this is a keeper.

A 'stick' version has just been released, but I haven't tried it as of yet.

I am a 'sensitive' person (in more ways than one!) , and this product does NOT cause any irritation for me. 

If you tend to push your Saturday shower to late in the day or maybe not at all! (I know that you're out there :) ) , this formula continues to work. You won't need to re-apply.

I have gotten through a half of a jar to date....I purchased at the beginning of January 2017...We're nearing the end of this looks to last about 3 months.

With all of the toxins out there and when using this product, there is 1 less thing to worry about!

This product can be found at Amazon, GNC stores, Whole Foods, and of course, their website.

Here is the link to buy from Amazon:
PiperWai Natural Deodorant 2 oz

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