Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mom's Chicken Soup Recipe for Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Recipe - Mom's Chicken Soup 

Chicken Soup with Italian Flair...

The Fall is here along with coughs and colds - and that would be my current state! 

Whenever I am feeling sick, I love to make my mother's chicken soup recipe in the Pressure Cooker. This is one of her best recipes! 

Once I add the ingredients to the pressure cooker, and it starts 'jiggling', it only takes 20 minutes to completion. (I use an old-style pressure cooker.) While the soup is cooking, I boil the San Giorgio Acini di Pepe No. 48 pasta. When the chicken is cooked, I strain the broth from the pressure cooker into my pot, and then place the Acini di Pepe pasta into my broth. Ladle your soup into the bowl, and top it off with a tablespoon of Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese.  YUM! The ingredients and instructions are below:

Peel the 2 small-medium sized onions (or 1 large), and cut in half.
Cut the 2 small tomatoes (or 1 large) in half.
Cut up the celery and carrots into about 4 inch pieces.
Place all of the cut vegetables into the pressure cooker.

Add the chicken breasts, legs and thighs (2 of each) on top of the vegetables.
Add 5 cups of water to the cooker.
Attach your lid, and bring the cooker to its pressurized state.
Let your chicken cook about 20 minutes.
De-pressurize your pressure cooker until it is safe to open.
Strain the broth into a pot. Cut up the chicken, and set aside in container.
Cook your Acini di Pepe pasta according to the directions.
Strain your pasta, and add it to the pot. I usually add at least 3/4 of the cooked pasta to the pot.
Ladle your soup into the bowl, add some cut-up chicken, add the cheese and some salt/pepper to taste.

Nothing has ever measured up to my mother's chicken soup recipe!
I'm sure a bowl of this soup will have me feeling better real soon...

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