Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keep Your Pets Cozy and Warm with This!

About 5 years ago, a mommy cat and her kitties made their home at my workplace, which is a campus of unique buildings, clustered together near a wooded area and creek. This feral cat family was quickly adopted by employees throughout the company. During the brutal winter of 2011, one of the guys built an insulated house for the kitties in order to give them a fighting chance of survival. The work kitties greet me everyday at mealtime, rolling in the grass to welcome me.

I love these cats like my own and worry about them just the same, especially during the cold winter nights, so I started searching for anything that could keep them warmer.

I discovered these pet thermal mats that actually reflect the pet's heat back to the animal making them cozy, warm and comfortable.

The feral kitties at work will soon have some extra warmth added to their cat house!

If you dip your heat during the bedtime hours or during the day when you are at work, then this mat will give you comfort knowing that your pet is warm.

These mats are a great idea for pets that are newborns, aging, sick, outdoors or just to pamper your pet everyday with a bit of luxury during the chilly months. These come in different sizes for all pets.

I added a link below to one of the thermal mats out on Amazon that has great reviews.

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