Sunday, November 30, 2014

For Sensitive Men Only! After-Shave Treatment for Skin Sensitivity...

Is your skin painfully sensitive after shaving? 

My son discovered this product whilst searching for an after-shave treatment to soothe his irritated skin. This company serves as the world master authority in the art of shaving. George F. Trumper established this company back in 1875 in the Mayfair section of London, and his company is still flourishing, withstanding the test of time.

This product, Geo F. Trumper Coral Skin Food, along with his many other products, is extraordinary! My son, C.J., used to cringe at the thought of shaving, until he found this product. This product not only heals your skin, but it has the most delicious subtle scent to go with it. I kid you not. The 200 ml bottle below to the right lasts approximately one year - Yes , you've heard correctly! Read the reviews to hear the excitement about this product!

This one quality purchase with quality ingredients does the trick! 

This is a very, very economical purchase lasting about a year!

Don't waste your money on the store-bought, after-shave treatments with mediocre ingredients - try this one time, and you will be hooked for life! 

This is an old-fashioned company with quality ingredients - make no mistake about that!


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