Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gifts: South African Products Handmade With Love!

Made by Mosaic

Using Business For Positive Change in the World - This is what 'Made by Mosaic' set out to do when launching their orphan care model back in 2008 in the town of Ikageng (eek-uh-hang), South Africa.

The Mosaic Organization focuses on employing the struggling foster mothers of South Africa, since available job positions tend to be scarce for women. The largest employment opportunities are in construction, for which men are culturally preferred.

Having over 3,000,000 orphans in their country, it is no surprise that South Africa has more orphans per capita than any other country in the world - a staggering number - and it's also no surprise that the women there are consistently taking responsibility for the caring of these children.

I met one of the directors of this organization last Christmas, and she was fighting back tears telling me about the children and their foster mothers. This organization is now based in the US and South Africa. When speaking to someone who knows some of these people personally, it really brings the reality of this to the forefront.

Mosaic teaches these foster mothers skills in crocheting, knitting, baking and creating leather goods in order for them to provide for themselves and their foster children, enhancing their quality of life.

I've purchased the scarves at this site, and the quality is admirable, also coming along with a picture of the woman who created it. These women have created such wonderful products that we use everyday, so you will get to feel good everyday when wearing or using these items!

Handmade Products available:  baby blankets, scarves, infinity scarves, baby beanies, headbands, leather goods

Please take a look at their link below and consider helping Mosaic piecing lives back together!

Shopping for Mosaic Products

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