Friday, May 16, 2014

Does Department Store Shopping Overwhelm You?

Personal Shoppers to the Rescue!

I don't know about you, but when I walk into a department store searching for something to wear, the size and organization of the store instantly puts me into a tizzy. When you are searching for one item in particular, that same item is in about a gazillion sections of the store - Where should you go?

You start wandering from one section to the next shuffling a few items across the racks, then mozie over to another section, lightly browse through another rack, and by that time, you decide that you didn't need the item that badly or you just walk out looking for a more user-friendly environment. Sound Familiar?

Well, I will remind you of a free service that almost everyone forgets about, and it's right under your nose - Personal Shoppers!

My longtime friend (since I was 14 years old) decided to drive up from Maryland and visit the King of Prussia Shopping Mall for a few summer dresses and make a weekend out of it.

Our first stop: Lord & Taylor Department Store which is known for the largest selection of dresses around. Kathy was immediately approached by a saleswoman who announced that she was a 'personal shopper' and could help her find exactly what she was looking for. She quickly escorted Kathy (with me scurrying behind her) into a luxurious dressing room with cheese, crackers, fruit and muffins at our fingertips.

Kathy gave her a few ideas on what she was looking for, and the personal shopper went to work bringing back numerous dresses. It was a success - Kathy found 3 dresses to her liking - one of which she would have never picked off the rack herself, and it turned out to be her favorite! We didn't feel any pressure to buy!

It was a pleasurable shopping experience. If you are local to the King of Prussia area, ask for Ginny Markel at the Lord & Taylor Department Store for your very own personal shopping experience.

This is something that we generally think is for the rich old ladies or debutantes, but that is NOT the case. Anyone can call the Department Stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy's, and Lord & Taylor's for a free personal shopper. This saves precious time when you work with a personal shopper. They will even have the clothes waiting for you in the dressing room, so you have no wait at all. If you're looking for something in particular, call ahead and a selection will be waiting for you in a special dressing room.

All you need to do is make an appointment, tell them your likes and dislikes, your budget or to just surprise you. Sometimes your favorite items end up being something that you would have never selected! Personal Shoppers also can offer discounts to you!

This is also a great idea for men, as men are generally less skilled at shopping. :)

Happy Shopping!

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