Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ride your Way to a Healthy Future....

HI There - it's been a while! Life has gotten in the way of my writing, and it's brought an important topic into the forefront for me - What can I do to keep my body strong enough to fight off the perils of aging?!

Over the past 4 weeks, my mother has been in a hospital and now a physical rehabilitation center. We're not quite sure how she got into this deteriorated state so quickly, but we know that one of the reasons is lack of movement. Having one of the cleanest houses ever (a bit OCD I must say!), she was certainly active in scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees and maintaining a spotless house. After all, she did grow up in an age when no one exercised except for cleaning their house and gardening.

My mother's generation was not yet acquainted with the importance of keeping your 'core' strong to fend off a bad back or the notion of 'A Body in Motion Stays in Motion'. Watching her in agonizing pain has scared the you-know-what out of me!

It is now time to actually use the exercise machines that I've purchased over the years - Pilates Machine, treadmill and now a recumbent exercise bike to park right in front of the TV. There's no more excuses! It cannot be 'tomorrow' anymore but must be 'TODAY'.

Since free time is scarce, I had been eyeing up a recumbent exercise bike on Amazon for the convenience and back-friendly exercising. The price was steep, but I thought that the price would drop after the holidays. Finally, one day the price dropped by almost $200.00, so I bought it. Unfortunately, the price jumped back up on Amazon. I've found this to be the same price at all of the stores. The selection of recumbent bikes with arm pedals is very slim - This is one of the few with great reviews.

The Stamina Elite Total Recumbent Bike is the bomb! It has arm pedals that you can use while riding, or the arm pedals/foot pedals can be used alone. It is a sturdy piece of equipment with the standard controls for time, distance, and heart rate. It's easy on the back, and the tension can be adjusted to your liking. The best feature of this bike is the noise level - it is stunningly quiet(virtually NO noise at all) with a very smooth ride.

Fight off the perils of aging, and lose some pounds while watching TV - you can even talk on the phone when using a recumbent!

If you're interested in this bike, keep your eye on Amazon pricing - The price dropped suddenly for a number of days, and then jumped right back to the regular price. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will get FREE SHIPPING as I did. Remember to KEEP MOVING!

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

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