Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brace Yourself for 10X magnification!

If you are over FORTY, this is an ABSOLUTE necessity!

There's something to be said for losing your close-up vision in your forties - you don't see the makeup errors, lone hairs popping out of odd places, large pores, aging skin and discoloration!

Then one day you look in your rear view mirror with the natural light casting on you at the perfect angle, and you GASP at the site of poor makeup blending, not enough coverage and the fact that you are growing a mustache and a beard! (Do I sound like I'm talking from experience? maybe....but no beard as of yet!)

That's when you realize that you need a much closer view with good light. Time to purchase a lighted mirror with magnification!

Voila! I've done my research and found this great makeup mirror with good lighting, 10X magnification and fantastic reviews

The first time that you lay eyes on yourself with 10X magnification will be SHOCKING! Magnification mirrors are a necessity after 40 in order to spare your friends, family and co-workers the sight of those ghastly hairs on your face.

This mirror is 9 inches wide and perfect for plucking and makeup checks, and has good lighting to boot. I can recommend the Floxite Daylight Vanity Mirror since I now own this. The travel version is the same magnification but in a travel version.

I guess that you could avoid buying a mirror by only hanging out with people your own age since they can't see up close either.

This anti-aging product is NOT just for women - men may not have poor makeup blending, but they do have hairs popping out on their faces in places where the razor does not go!

Check out the other reviews as well at the link:  Floxite Daylight Vanity Mirror

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