Sunday, January 12, 2014

Visit with Doc Martin to Beat the Doldrums of Winter....

Along with bringing in the frigid air, January also brings along a period of humdrum, previously-aired TV into the picture.

Being that my obsession with London is widely known to my family and friends, my Uncle Joe tipped me off to a fabulous British Comedy Drama acclaimed series named 'Doc Martin' currently airing on public television, Amazon and Netflix.

If you have an affection towards English Countrysides and a fancy for British Comedy, 'Doc Martin' will entertain you for 5 seasons worth of laughs with an upcoming 6th season that will be available in the United States this year.

'Doc Martin' is filmed in a small, picturesque, coastline town, Port Isaac, on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England.

The series begins with a brash, ill-mannered London surgeon leaving the city (due to a sudden blood phobia) to become the general doctor of a small fishing village in his hometown of Portwenn (fictitious)  in Cornwall, England.

The show is based on priceless conflicts between the gruff, direct Doc Martin and the easy-going, close-knit, odd bunch of townsfolk that he encounters on a daily basis resulting in unexpected, funny consequences. The center of Doc Martin's attention is on the town's primary schoolteacher where he struggles to have a romantic relationship with her due to his lack of social skills.

The series has just finished airing it's sixth season in England. The sixth season should be available in the United States during this year.

I have recommended this series to friends, and they all have loved it. One of my friends watched all 5 series in a span of a few days after seeing the first episode. This series stole my heart.

Doc Martin is a ratings success in England, and it presently broadcasts all over the world.

Check out the various ways that you can view Doc Martin in your home:
  • Public Television - check your local TV guide.

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