Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Use Protection in the Coming Year - Keep in your Wallet at all Times!

Okay...now that I've GOT your attention for this very important matter!!!!  :)

I realize that this matter is not a typical post for my site, but this problem has detrimental effects to your psyche if it happens to you.

I guess that this post is a little late considering that the major shopping season has just expired, but I've recently learned about this way to protect yourself.

My good friend, Peggy, was shopping during the holiday season at the mall. She received a fraud alert from her credit card that very night where fraudulent activity had occurred on her credit card. She was very confused as to how this happened since the checkout woman looked very respectable - she was wondering if she could have somehow swiped her card while checking her out. Anyway, she lost her credit card at the most important time since the card needed to be deactivated.

What she didn't realize is that she was electronically 'pickpocketed' with a device called a radio frequency identification scanner (RFID Scanner) similar to the damage that a 'skimmer' will do. Apparently, anyone within a short radius of you can hold the RFID scanner in their pocket and skim all of your credit card information without ever laying a hand on you. It's very scary! Gone are the days when someone had to actually develop a skill to rob you!

Not all credit cards are subject to this risk, but if your card is RFID-enabled, then this card can be easily scanned. One way to identify a RFID-enabled card is if it has the ability to be contactless (tap and pay). As of now, the majority of RFID-enabled cards is approximately 35 million in the US. It is more widespread in the rest of the world.

But you can protect yourself with the card sleeves below that protect you from ever being skimmed.  These come in a package of 10. As long as your card is in the sleeve, no one can electronically pickpocket any data from you. Most of us out there are oblivious to this new risk!

Guys and Gals, click below, and read the details and the reviews for a safer new year! Keep your wallet safe with this! There are also protectors for your passport!

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