Thursday, December 12, 2013

Think Outside the Box!

We all have eco-friendly on the brain these days....My reader, Elena, suggested this timely topic!

Wherever we can, we try to incorporate green products to save our planet; but once the Christmas Rush begins, we can't even think straight and we head right for the familiar wrapping paper and boxes-  not even giving it a second thought! After all, it's easy, right? One of my most vivid memories of Christmas morning is my father gathering mounds of wrapping paper trying to clear the area for us.

I do feel guilty wasting paper now,  but I am guilty about pretty much everything after Catholic school!

Here's a few ways to alleviate some of the guilt and save some trees in the meantime.
  • Place your gift into a reusable shopping bag - this won't go to waste since everyone is starting this collection (see below for an example)!
  • Buy recycled wrapping paper.
  • Wrap your gift in a new kitchen or tea towel- one can always use a new kitchen towel.
  • Reuse your Trader Joe's brown paper bags - Cut the bag and wrap! Cut out snowflakes and paste on top!
  • Wrap your gift in basic brown paper which is biodegradable, add some red ribbon or use a stamp to add some designs!
  • Use the comics section of your newspaper to wrap your gift or the basic newsprint with a colorful ribbon.
  • Place your gift in a storage container, large or small depending on your gift.
  • Reuse your delivery boxes instead of buying boxes during the holiday season.
  • Reuse your over-sized boxes from your Costco or superstore purchases.
  • Save your gift bags and reuse whenever you can.
  • Use a laundry bag for big gifts - of course, a brand new one!
  • Try a basket as a holder for your gifts!
It won't be long before these ideas are the normal rather than the exception!

Here are some ideas for wraps below. Be Creative!

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