Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fantastic Christmas Gifts that Also Provides Gifts to Not So Fortunate Orphaned Children...

I went to a Xmas Bazaar this week, and one of the vendors was selling wonderful scarves and hats....As I was purchasing these inexpensive, but gorgeous scarves, I came to find out that the products were made by mothers/foster mothers of HIV/AIDS Orphans in the South African township of Ikageng. I was blown away by the quality of these scarves which were created in many rich colors.

It gets even better! As we continued to talk, I learned of the charitable organization named MOSAIC that is the group responsible for bringing these products to us.

This organization does many amazing things - one of which is that they teach women, young and old, to knit, crochet and make beautiful leather goods along with providing life-skills training in order to raise their standard of living. The donations received in exchange for the handmade goods helps MOSAIC fund new housing projects and enables families to these orphans build their own homes.

The scarves, shawls and hats are all made with bamboo yarn from South Africa. These are so reasonably priced that I stocked up on gifts, and the BEST PART of the gift is that there is a picture/signature of the actual person that made your item.

Here's another bonus - your gift is a tax-deductible charitable item, so it's 3 GIFTS in ONE.
  1. You get to buy a quality gift for your friend or family member.
  2. The cost of the gift is actually a donation to MOSAIC Charity Organization.
  3. Your receipt for your purchase is tax-deductible on your tax return.
Please click on the link below to see the handmade baby beanies, baby blankets, hats and scarves in all shapes. I can't think of a nicer gift for someone plus it's not like you need to know their size! By purchasing one of these gifts, you are making such a difference in the lives of innocent, sick, orphaned children. The prices will shock you (in a good way!). Check out the pics below of these sweet children who are benefiting from the sale of these scarves!

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