Sunday, October 13, 2013

I know that it is NOT Halloween yet! An Idea for you...

Once October is in full swing, I cannot help but think of the inevitable task ahead of 'Christmas Shopping'. YIKES!

I start planning out possible gifts in my head ahead of time in order to ease my mind and reduce my holiday stress level! We are always worrying if we have the right gift for our friends and family. Buying a unique gift for someone always makes us feel especially proud since it lets our friends and family know that there was creativity and thoughtfulness in selecting their gift.

A long-time friend of mine, Rick,  started a craft business with his wife Deb. When everyone else is relaxing and watching TV after work, Rick and Deb are working diligently in their workshops for their craft business of 25 years- Reis Renditions ( As long as I've known Rick, he was never one to waste any of his precious free time after his day job.

Reis Renditions specializes in woodworking, jewelry and baskets. Rick is the woodworker and jeweler while Deb is the basket maker. The woodworking products include desk and wall clocks, pencil and letter holders, and his newly patented product, the magnetic wood frame - no more fumbling with the back of a picture frame! The jewelry products includes necklaces and earrings. The jewelry is made from raw rock and wood. Rick uses his woodworking and lapidary skills to create the round wood frame and then to slice, cut and polish the stones.

When Rick was designing their jewelry collection, I was one of the first to give my feedback on his design.
He even took one of my suggestions to add a leather cord.  I made such a endless fuss over his necklace sample and how well it paired with my outfit, that the guilt overwhelmed him, and he gave it to me. Thanks Rick! This necklace is such a unique design that every single time that I wear it, I get compliments from people. You can buy an already-created necklace, or you can choose your very own custom necklace where you select the wood, the stone and the chain (being sterling silver or leather).

Since it is still October, you have plenty of time to order your custom gifts. Take a look at their selection of products and get the details. All of their products are of excellent quality and uniqueness. You won't go wrong with this purchase. There are custom gifts for men and women here. Take a look at their site -

If you have any questions, you can contact them at ''.
Check out my necklace in the picture!

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