Sunday, October 6, 2013

Holistic Allergy Elimination Technique - Best Kept Secret...

Not anymore!!

Trust me - this is worth reading.

This story is pretty amazing and truth be told, it's hard to believe.

A friend of mine at work has been suffering from an extreme dairy allergy. It was very difficult for her to control since trace amounts of dairy appear in so many food products even in some of the most unlikely choices. This allergy was interfering with her home and work life for a long time. When she would accidentally eat something that had traces of dairy in it, she would get very tired and weak, sick to her stomach and her face would continually break out. The effects from one contact with dairy would last for about a week - it was debilitating!

She heard about this Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. This is a holistic treatment discovered by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad which is a non-invasive, drug-free, natural solution that uses a combination of energy balancing procedures with acupressure, chiropractic and kinesiology for permanent elimination of food and environmental allergies.   The full explanation of the treatment is at the following link:

Babitha didn't believe in any sort of alternative therapy at the time - that has changed!  She was desperate for relief and decided to try this based on a recommendation from her family in India. She was scheduled to go home for a wedding in India so she decided to give it a go.

Babitha returned from her trip to India a week back - She was elated when she saw all of us, and she was gleaming! The girls all said at once, "You look great - your skin looks great". She said, "I received the NAET treatment, and I am now cured of my dairy allergy for life. I can now eat all of the cheese, milk and chocolate that I want. I don't have any allergy symptoms."  I have to admit that I could feel my face contorting into a shocked and puzzled look.  Even though I do believe in alternative therapy since I had success with acupuncture a while back, it was still hard to believe. I believed her since I could see how great she felt. We were all so happy for her since we have been watching her suffer with this.

Let me just say that I have seen this with my own eyes and my co-workers have seen this with their eyes how she is cured of her allergies.
We have seen her eat cheese and chocolate with NO symptoms. Yes , I know that it is hard to believe. Even better, she never has to get the treatment again since she is cured for life. Her treatment only took 7 appointments with the doctor. I know it sounds crazy, but this worked for her.

I then started my research on this. Certainly not surprising, but it seems that the rest of the world has been exposed to this technique - NAET (as they say for short)  has global partners in Europe, India, Canada and Mexico. The great news is that even though we don't have an official US buy-in on this technique, there are doctors here trained by Dr. Nambudripad herself. She trains all of the participating doctors.  I also read that this works completely 80 - 90% of the time.

The NAET technique even has positive results with Autism and Depression.

To find a practicing doctor and more details on the technique, visit the link

I have found a practicing NAET doctor local to me here in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and another practitioner in Collegeville, Pennsylvania at Collegeville Chiropractic. My son suddenly developed a serious peanut allergy, and he has agreed to try this technique. I've spoken to the local doctor, and he said that this technique is the best kept secret out there. The number of treatment days depends on the number of allergens discovered using kinesology. The doctor told me that if you received positive blood tests for an allergy, and then you receive the treatment, the blood test will then show a negative allergy response. He said that it is that effective. I will keep you updated on my son's treatment. I thought that you should know about this!

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