Saturday, September 14, 2013

Go Ahead and plan a vacation....

Best Tour Company

Just got back from a relaxing, wonderful vacation in Arizona minus my Chromebook...I've been wiped out since getting back to reality. I don't know why this happens whenever I get away. IT was my first trip to Arizona and all that Arizona has to offer! I definitely waited way too long to see this treasure.

It was a WOW moment for me when I caught my first glimpse of the Saguaro cactus (pronounced /səˈwɑroʊ/) that decorated the desert, the endless backdrop of mountains, and the first sight of our awesome national gem, the Grand Canyon.

This was an impromptu trip for me due to a good friend needing a travel partner to fulfill a free timeshare week. Lucky for me that she had taken a big vacation for the year already, and her husband was out of vacation time. Thanks Neil!

Being single can really put constraints on planning vacations especially if you have mostly married friends. When you get the opportunity to go somewhere, you have to seize the moment and just do it.

A few years back, I wanted to go to Italy for the first time, and my only option was to locate a tour company that offered a 'single option'. I traipsed through the Trip Advisor's reviews looking for a great tour company that offered fairly small groups. I found a company named Go Ahead Tours! I did my due diligence and booked my trip with enough confidence that their company did a great job.

Go Ahead Tours offers tours to almost every country in the world. We had the most charming Italian tour guide that made us feel right at home and safe. If images of sitting on a bus for countless hours comes to mind, THINK AGAIN! I took the Venice, Florence and Rome tour which began in Venice and ended in Rome limiting your bus time to about 6 hours over the 12 days. We spent more than enough time in each location, and this company also allows for free time for you to explore on your own if you wish. After all the planning for a trip flying 'solo', my sister surprised me and decided to join at the last minute. Go Figure.

Go Ahead Tours is a TOP NOTCH company. I have referred this company to friends without hesitation. They had the same superior service and the same wonderful experience that we had. Vacations cost a lot of your hard-earned money, so don't ever risk taking a tour without a reference or your dream vacation could turn into a big disappointment.  The word 'tour' always had a negative connotation for me until I went on this trip with Go Ahead.

Go Ahead Tours has a referral service in place where where each person that you refer to Go Ahead will receive $100 off his or her first Go Ahead tour if you are referred by a previous traveler of Go Ahead tours. If you are seriously considering a tour, consider this company.

I also want to mention that when I took my trip with Go Ahead, I asked the operator for a direct flight. I had to pay (at the time) $100.00 extra to get the direct flight. I have read complaints on the web about the flight arrangements. Please ask the tour operator about this.

If anyone had a successful trip with another tour company, please comment here as I'm always happy to get information like this.
Thanks! Here is the link:

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