Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Enhance your Bath with this...

I was fortunate enough to work in London for a time being in January a couple of years back. My weeks were tied up with work, but on the weekends, I could venture out to see some of what England had to offer. A friend of mine decided to visit, and we hopped a train to Bath, England. We first stopped at the Roman baths where the Romans gathered, bathed and relaxed 2000 years ago in the hot mineral springs. We stood next to the pool built by the Romans with the statues of Roman emperors edging the pool. It was surreal standing there - one could so easily imagine the Roman elite gathering in groups , lounging along side of the pool, sitting on the benches 2000 years ago….I wondered if they wore some sort of cover-up back then?! ahem….. I just stood there and soaked in the history ….no pun intended!

It was your classic rainy day in England.
We decided to go experience the thermal spring waters for ourselves just like the Romans but with bathing suits!! Thermae Bath Spa has a rooftop pool filled with the thermal hot spring waters - THE same spring waters that the Romans discovered and used! We lounged in the open-air rooftop pool of the hot springs with the steam rising from the waters on a chilly January night - another dreamlike experience. One could actually feel the minerals gliding over your skin , and there was this clean scent that the water released into the air...anyway, back to why I started this story…..

My neighbor offered me a sample pack of Arbonne’s Detox Spa products. One of the items was called ‘Rescue Wash’. I poured the rescue wash into my soaking tub for my weekly stress-reliever soak , and something smelled familiar - the scent of the water reminded me almost exactly of the hot springs from Bath, England. This product is so mineral rich that it almost echoed my bath in England. IT was just as rejuvenating, relaxing, and the mineral-rich waters enshrouded my body. Needless to say my neighbor convinced me to start selling Arbonne products. I can now buy my favorites at a discount.

Mineral-rich waters have a long association with well-being, and the word SPA is related to the Latin phrase ‘Salus Per Aquam’ or ‘health through water’. If you love soaking in the tub, then the Rescue Wash or Purifying Sea Soak is the product is for you...

If you would like to view or purchase this item, please visit www.susanlomagro.arbonne.com

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  1. That description of Bath England and swimming in the thermal spa put me right back there! I can't wait to try The rescue wash. If I can re create that feeling of the mineral spa in my bath tub, I will be a happy camper this winter! I cant even remember how many minerals were in the water. What a great way to get all those wonderful minerals in your body and relax while doing it! Light a candle, put on some music and soak!


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