Monday, August 12, 2013

Make Your Dreams Come True with Visualization! Learn how...

Best Inspirational Book

Onto my pick......
One of my neighbors recommended this book to me a few years back. She was going through a really challenging time, and it was referred to her. Her sister has actually read the book and completely changed her life.The book is titled 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' by Catherine Ponder - link here:
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
She has a series of these books, but this is the most comprehensive book from which all others seem to be derived from. I also think that she wrote this book a while back, and that over the years, many people have stolen her ideas. When you start reading this book, you will immediately judge me and

my pick, but trust me that with continued reading, you will see how this book affects you. It has alot of religious connotations that could be difficult for you to ignore, but if you substitute your own thoughts and words, you will be very inspired by this book. The author teaches you how to use creative visualization to obtain results in your desired areas. The author is Christian. If you don't like this book, please give it until page 150. By then, you should be convinced of its great value.

I have recommended this book to everyone I know. I felt so strongly that I bought a copy for every member of my family. To get my family hooked on a book , you know that it has some powerful stuff.
If you happen to know me and my family, we see everything as the Glass Half EMPTY. I keep this book on my nightstand - If you read a few pages before you go to sleep, you wake up happier.

The exercises in this book actually change your thoughts from negative to positive. It has the power to change your view of life to a very positive one. It also makes you realize that YOU have the power to send good things your way. This book is especially helpful for people that are dealing with a difficult life event. Here ya go......check it out....
(while my brother was reading this book, he fell through the attic to the garage floor; consequently, he threw the book out the window! - don't let this discourage you!)
The link to the book, and the link to the kindle version is below. I feel that this is the kind of book that you would like to have the hardcopy since it is a book that will outlive whatever your technology that you are using.
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - hardcopy

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - Kindle version

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